Alabama is known as The Heart Of Dixie
Alabama .... May come from Choctaw meaning “thicket-clearers” or “vegetation-gatherers”
State Residents are called: Alabamian, Alabaman
State Motto: We Dare Defend Our Rights
State Song: “Alabama” (1931)
Song Bird : yellowhammer (1927)
Tree: Southern longleaf pine (1949, 1997)
Flower: camellia (1959)
Salt water fish: fighting tarpon (1955);
Fresh water fish: largemouth bass (1975);
Horse: racking horse (1975);
Mineral: hematite (1967);
Rock: marble (1969);
Game bird: wild turkey (1980);
Dance: square dance (1981);
Nut: pecan (1982);
Fossil: species Basilosaurus Cetoides (1984);
Official mascot and butterfly: eastern tiger swallowtail (1989);
Insect: monarch butterfly (1989);
Reptile: Alabama red-bellied turtle (1990);
Gemstone: star blue quartz (1990);
Shell: scaphella junonia johnstoneae (1990)

I wish I was in the land of cotton
Old times there are not forgotton
Look away
Look away
Look away, Dixieland

In Dixieland where I was born
Early on a frosty morn
Look away
Look away
Look away, Dixieland

I wish I was in Dixie
hurray, hurray
In Dixieland I'll take my stand
To live and die in Dixie

Away, down south in Dixie

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