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I would like to tell you why animals are special to me: They never judge you they love you for who you are not what they want you to be. There always there for you to talk to they may not understand but a gentel purr or loving whine can put a smile on your face. There love is unconditional there our best friends. My animals consist of Horses, Birds, Cats, and a Dog and anything else I can talk my husband into letting me get. I hope you enjoy this page I would like to dedicate it to Morrison Virgil (Morris) Wood 1983-1997 my cat and my friend.


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Good morning may we help you is how we start our day,"You wont kill them?" are the first words you say. There female mostly female nine in this litter,I gritted my teeth trying not to sound bitter.You bring LIFE to us and briskly come in. The novelty now fading along with your whim. You smile as you offer what to you seems a present, we smile right back and try to be pleasent. Yor gift is the third since our office just opened, were your last resort but you were just hoping for a miracle nine people to rush in and choose each pup for a friend. Our heart has grown heavy our soul quite sad You thought we would thank you and surly be glad. Glad to relieve your careless mistake. to appear in six months for another retake? Were a shelter a place for unwanted animals, where everyone loses when so many gamble. Humane workers are desprate, weary, forlorn. Concerned for those that should'nt been born. This is not what we want to be, please understand wont you see? You have made us a slaughter house of goodwill, you must pause consider what we feel. The hurt thats inside because we do care, about those nine pups that you have over there. Bouncy cuddly cute so much more. But you only shrug as you walk out the door. You left them with us to make the decision, which ones will die or go right on livin. Only one out of ten will be given a home And for how long a time will she belong. To a family who chooses for what ever reason, To return her to us when she is in season. History repeats for she will have bred ,She trembles it seems with fear and with dread, The face of each worker can plainly be read,Because they know she will soon be dead. We feel that we love her more than you do, there are so many what else can we do? You point your finger and say "oh the shame, you put them to sleep,you are to blame".Little do you realize we try not to hate you, and strive with much effort to educate you. You didnt stay til the end to see us weep, When we had to take them and put them "to sleep". Euthanasia a kind of death by definition, less birth would be kind is our declaration.But you go on your merry ole way,Forgetting to soon and without much delay, That you cause the problem YOU are the SOURCE, you just wont admit it of course.We give our best for the animals and you, although the thank yous are spare and quite few. Love and concern carry us through everyday we need your help! THERE MUST BE A BETTER WAY. (From the Cullman Animal Shelter)


Your favorite chair is vacant now, no eager purrs to greet me, no softly paded paws to run extatically to meet me. No coaxing rubs, no plantive cry will say its time to feed me, Ive put away your bowl and all the things you wont be needing. But I will miss you little friend, for I could never measure The happiness you brought to me, the comfort and the pleasure. And since God put you here to share in earthly joy and sorrow, I'm sure they'll be a place for you in Heavens bright tomorrow.


I wish someone had given Jesus a dog as loyal and loving as mine, to sleep by his manger and gaze in his eyes and adore him for being devine. As our Lord grew to manhood his own faithful dog would have followed him all through the day while he preached to the crowds and made the sick well and knelt in the garden to pray. It is sad to remember that Christ went away to face death alone and apart with no tender dog fowlling close behind to comfort its masters heart. And when Jesus rose on that easter morn how happy he would have been as his dog kissed his hand and barked in delight for the one who died for all men. Well the Lord has a dog now I just sent him mine the ole pal so dear to me, and i smile through my tears on this first day alone knowing there in eternity.

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