Bodacious is a whole lot of bull. The cream colored steer weighs in at 1,950 pounds, and comes endowed with the toughest bucking style in the industry. Only eight professional bull riders were able to stay aboard for eight seconds out of Bo's 125 bolts out of the bull-pen. The champion harvested some of the most prestigious awards in the rodeo business during his career. His popularity at bull rider events and major rodeos resulted in world-wide fame and a fan club. He's a legend in his own time, and that's no bull. Big and bad Bodacious received the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association bull of the year award two years in a row and the NFR bull of the year for three seasons. Bo's owner, Sammy Andrews of Addielou, Texas, told reporters recently, "(Bo) was known around the world. A lot of people knew him, but had no idea who he was.
But Bo's bodacious nature caused serious injuries to several championship riders, and struck terror into the hearts of many others. The usually fearless bull riders who welcomed a challenging ride refused to ride Bo, and felt cursed when they received him in a draw. Tuff Hedeman, three time world bull-riding champion, rewarded with a crushed face requiring six hours of major reconstructive surgery on his last bout with the notorious bull.
Scott Breding wore a hockey mask adjusted to his head for protection, but he still received a broken eye socket, broken cheekbone and facial lacerations on his third attempt to outdo the bucking bull. Bo's unpredictable nature nurtured a fear of more serious injuries and led Sammy Andrews and his wife, Carolyn to retire Bo to the green pastures on their East Texas ranch. "Bo was an athlete," commented Andrews. "There wasn't an ounce of fat on him. I don't think we'll see another one that big, that quick, that stout...all in one animal...ever again." At the tender age of seven, and considering the world's interest in the champ, Bo wasn't ready for complete retirement.
Even from rodeo bull pens, Bo's fearsome reputation placed him in position to endorse well-known products dear to the heart of western fans, and for big bucks. Companies that sponsor bucking steeds really prefer bucking bulls as symbols for their products. "The association of our products with the image of power and strength offers a tremendous benefit," said a spokesperson for Dodge Trucks. The company sponsors 300 rodeos a year. "Rodeo is woven into the fabric of the culture down here in Texas," says Randy Porter, marketing director for Coors Beer. "It ties into the rugged mystique of the West."
Bodacious has served as spokesbull for Dodge Trucks, Skoal and Wilson Trailer Company. Bo even has his own talent scout now, Bob Tallman, award winning international announcer for big rodeos and stock shows. Tallman also has 32 other bulls in his talent agency." You don't retire a championship bull like Bodacious to graze out his days in a pasture,. Two-time PRCA Rodeo announcer of the year and nine-time NFR Announcer Bob Tallman and Sammy Andrews of Andrews Rodeo Company, knew that when they formed a unique partnership earlier this year for the purpose of marketing and reproducing the toughest bull in the world.
Tallman and wife, Kristen, have fifteen years experience in A1 and embryo transferring in the crossbred Brahman cattle industry. What that means to the ordinary reader is, the company will collect semen from the champion for use by cattle breeders. Who knows what will come out of this endeavor? Perhaps a son who will out perform Bodacious? Time will tell.
Rodeo fans love big, bad, buckin' Bodacious, but his unpredictability retired him from rodeo.

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