The Old Ones tell that dreams do hold
great power
That drift about at night before coming
to the sleeping ones
To keep the dreamer safe

The Old Ones created a special web
the Dream Catcher
To hang above their sleeping places
When dreams traveled the web paths
the bad dreams lost their way
and were entangled...
Disappearing with the first rays
of daybreak

The good dreams, knowing the way,
passed through the center
and were guided gently to the
sleeping ones..

It is believed that dreams
both good and bad
Float through the air all day
and night searching for their

While sleeping under a Dreamcatcher
One may feel secure that bad dreams
Being confused and ill-intentioned
Get caught in the web to perish
with the first light of day
while the good dreams...
knowing the right way
Easily slip through the center hole
Work their way down the web catching
All the good energies of the stones
and adornment

Floating down the feathers and onto
the dreamers head
One never need fear bad dreams
again while sleeping under a smudged
or blessed Dreamcatcher

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