Meet My Family


My Husband Buford

My soul mate. Buford is not in law enforcement anymore he is a truck driver he has been with Wal-Mart 18 years. He is also a private pilot. Buford is very kind and easy going.

My Son David

David is like his dad a jack of all trades. David is also very thoughtful and easy going.
He is married to Cindy

I call Cindy "The Peace Maker" she is the one that strives for harmoney.
Cindy is a cosmotologist and also subs at school.

They have three children

My Oldest Grandson Justin

My Oldest Grandaughter Heather

My Youngest Grandson Skylier

My Daughter Rebecca


She is very thoughtful like her brother David
She is also the trendy one of the family
which also means expensive. She loves talking on the phone and shopping

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