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Country-Western Music

Cowboy Folk

Western Wear & Gear

Rednecks & Good Ole Boys

Cowboy Stew


Country-Western Music

Great BlackHawk Site
Great Site Check It Out
Country Music
From The Mining Co.
Driftin's Homepage
The Neon Moon Cafe
Miners Angel
A Super Site
History of Country Music Exhibit
Back on the net thanks to the
Original Rough Stock Home Page
Christi Has Graphics
Janets Rodeo Page
This Site Has Everything About Rodeo

Cowboy Wisdom
Bein' too positive in your opinions kin get you invited to a dance -- in the street, to the music of shots, nicely aimed.
Cowboys dance every dance as long as their bladders and feet hold out.
Real cowboys don't line dance.
If you can't sing -- dance.
Reciting poetry is like a haircut. If it's good, you feel like a million bucks. If it's bad, you hide your head under a hat.


Cowboy Folk

Search engine for Agricultural Sites.
Agriculture: The Western Producer Online
American Cowboy Magazine
If you have a weakness for cowboys
Cattlemen on the Web (C.O.W.) c}:-)
Beef industry information system
Cowboy Net
Your home on the internet range
Cowboys Online
Canadian Cowboy
Canadian Cowboys & Rodeo
Sufferin Sagebrush!
C/S Cattle Sales & Promotions
Internet Livestock Market
Western Food & Fun
Internet Cowboy Home Page
Devoted to the western lifestyle in Southern Alberta
Kaizen Heron Group
A cowgirl attitude and lots of cowgirl pictures
The Lasso
A Rational Guide to Trick Roping
MiningCo Rodeo
Tons of rodeo links.
Old Farmers Almanac
Pendleton Cowgirl Company
Oldtime Rodeo Cowgirl Collections
Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Official Home Page
Happy Trails!
The Indian Cowboy from Oklahoma
Smile, Whistle & Ride The Internet!
The Laughin Place
Western Cartoon Postcards
Wild Wild West
Plumbago Canyon Ranch, est. 1887

Cowboy Wisdom
Riding a bronc is like dancing with a girl. The trick is matching your partner's rhythm.
A smile from a good woman is worth more'n a dozen handed out by a bartender.
If you come to a fork in the road, take it.

Western Wear & Gear

Calf RopeYou may be wondering: "Why do those cowboys look so durn sharp in their Wranglers?" First of all, they buy their Wranglers extra long so that they still look good when astride a big ole quarter horse. The extra length stacks over their boots when they're on the ground. Roper boots work best for stacking. These jeans have a whitened crease and stay looking fresh on the rodeo circuit. They last longer and repel dust and dirt when working with livestock.

Bargain Corral
Discount tack! Free catalog to internet visitors.
Cheyenne Wyoming's Famous Western Wear Store
Saddles and Tack custom made to fit YOUR MULE or HORSE and your riding style.
Cowboy Cattle-Log
Some of My Favorite Western Wear Mail Order Catalogs:
The Fort
Miller Stockman
Don's Designs
Boulder Creek Custom Leather
Drysdales Western Wear
Hazel's Rawhide Western Wear
Features Western Wedding Apparel
Hobby Horse Clothing
Western and English Show Apparel
Lazy Ass Ranch
Josey Western Store
Barrel Racing and Western Wear and Gear
Justin Boots
The World's Largest Western Store!
WebWest Home Page
A Western Mall


Cowboy Wisdom
Careful is a naked man climbin' a bobwire fence.
Cowboy dress is determined by three factors: weather,work, andvanity.
Ride the horse in the direction it's going

Rednecks, Good Ole Boys & White Trash



Cowboy Stew

For a good cowboy stew, throw everything into the pot but the hair and horns, and then holler

An old timer is a man who's had a lot of interesting experiences -- some of them true.
Some men talk 'cause they got somethin' to say. Others talk 'cause they got to say somethin'.
Never trust a man who agrees with you. He's probably wrong.


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