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My favorite gun out of all that I have has to be my Smith & Wesson 357 Combat Magnum. My husband was a deputy for 10 years and its the one he carried on the force. He bought a Colt 45 and gave me the 357. I have always been facinated with law enforcement and guns.

The .357 magnum is the oldest handgun "magnum" cartridge. Smith and Wesson played a major part in the development and success of the cartridge and revolver that went with it. Firearms writer and experimenter Philip Sharpe is credited for its development during the 1930's when police agencies were asking for a more powerful round. S&W's Major D.B. Wesson agreed to produce a new revolver that would handle "high-intensity" .38 Special loads, but only if Winchester would develop a new cartridge. Winchester introduced the .357 Magnum, which was dimensionally identical to the .38 Special except for a .125 inch longer case, and the first revolvers (referred to as ".357 Magnum Models") were completed by S&W on April 8, 1935.

The classic M19 is one of the original S&W .357's, and a favorite of many experienced professionals like ex-border patrolman and noted writer Bill Jordan. The M19 comes in blue carbon steel or stainless, adjustable rear sight, semi-target hammer, smooth combat-type trigger, and is available with either 2.5, 4, or 6 inch barrel lengths. The weights are 30.5 ounces, 36 ounces, and 39 ounces accordingly.

OPERATION: Single; Double Action
CALIBER: .357 Magnum
BARREL LENGTH: 2.5; 4; 6 Inches
WEIGHT, EMPTY: 2.5:-30.5 oz; 4"-36 oz; 6"-39 oz
SIGHTS: M19: Serrated Ramp With 2.5- & 4-inch barrels; Patridge With 6-inch Barrel (front) - M66: Red Ramp With 2.5-, 4-, 6-inch Barrels (front); both With Fully Adjustable (rear)
FINISH: Blue (model 19); Stainless (model 66)

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