This is me "Breeze" your tour guide!!.

Welcome Friends

A little about myself. I Graduated from West Point in 1981. I am now a Female Fire Fighter, I married a Deputy Sheriff named Buford in 1988 I have a daughter named Becky. We live on a farm and have many animals. I love animals & country music. I enjoy collecting Barbies and have been to every US state but 4. I play the guitar, I love Steven King books and movies and Im a computer nut. My Favorite Tv shows are I Love Lucy, Americas Most Wanted and Roseanne. Rodeo and Auburn Football is my favorite sports and my personailty falls between Roseanne and I Love Lucy. Welcome to my Home On The Web.


This is my Alma Mater Crest
Our Colors Are Maroon and White
Class Song: "The Best Of Times"
Class Flower: The Red Rose
Class Chant: We Like Whiskey, Sex Is Fun
Were The Class Of "81"
Class Motto: "I expect to pass through life but once. If therefore, there be any kindness I can show or any good thing I can do to any fellow being, let me do it now, and not defer or neglect it, as I shall not pass this way again."



America's Most Wanted
Country Music
Sally Jessie Raphel
What Breed Of Dog Are You?
What Does Your Name Mean?
Fun Test
Shambala Preserve
Home & Garden
Amethyst Eeyore
Dallas Saga
I Love Lucy
The Sims
Grizzly Adams
Desk Top Themes
IncrediMail Stationary
Steven King
Tarman's Basement
American Gothic
Great Wolf Site
Big Cats
Endangered Species Awareness
Wildlife Pictures
Defenders Of Wildlife
Native Americans
Dog Breeds
Cat Breeds
Ferret Central
Cullman Alabama
Cullman County
Cullman City


This is me again but I guess you figured that out.

I call this graphic "My Time" its spent with the one I love.



A dog sits waiting in the cold autumn sun, Too faithful to leave Too frightened to run. He's been there for days now, With nothing to do, But sit by the road just waiting for you, He cant understand why you left him that day; He thought you were stopping to go with him to play. He's sure you'll come back and thats why he stays, How long can he suffer how many more days? His legs have grown week his throat parched and dry, He's sick now with hunger, He falls, with a sigh. He lays down his head and he closes his eyes. I wish you could see how a waiting dog dies.



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