"The WildWood Flower"

Dedicated To My Husband
Buford With Love

How We Met:

I was waitin tables at Shoneys and he was a Deputy. My first impression was this man is a snob the next time he came in he actualy spoke. We got to know each other not through dating just from his supper breaks.
Bu (as I call him for short) is 19 years older than me. that didnt bother me as much as it did him, he ask me out several times but I wouldnt go due to his girlfriend. I had already gotton my divorce and when I found out he had a girlfriend I was heart broke but he kept calling me. I seen no chance of us getting together so I went back to my X That lasted a week I missed Bu so bad that I moved out with my X and came back to my home county
The next night I was listen to the scanner and I knew Bu was working on my side of the county so I headed for Shoneys I walked in and he was sitting with his girlfriend his eyes lit up. When she left he ask what I was doing back and I told him and I also said your working my area tonight happily so he had to go and I thought well thats that.

I got to the road you turn off to go to mom and dad's house and he was waiting for me I went on by and stoped the car turned around and went back. I got out of the car and we talked then he said lets get out from under these lights so we moved. I got in his car and he said you owe me a neck hug so I gave him one my heart was pounding after he huged me he kissed me I was in love. I told him if your gonna date me you gotta get rid of the girlfriend and he did.

We have been together ever since. We were married February 7, 1988

As I write this our 15th wedding anniversary is comming up.
we have had our rough times but we just hang in there I truly love this man.
Buford this page is for you.
January 16, 2003

I called my husband and ask him his favorite song
hopeing for somthing romantic to put on this page.
If you have your speakers on you will notice I got
The Wildwood Flower

Now for my dedication to him:

I'd Love You All Over Again By Alan Jackson

Has it been ten years since we said I do
I've always heard marriage made one seem like two
But you're lookin' better than you did back then
You still make this old heart give in

And if I had it to do all over
I'd do it all over again
If tomorrow I found one more chance to begin
I'd love you all over again

The preacher has said till death do us part
That seemed like forever to a young girls heart
Now the days seem much shorter the longer we love
And the memories just keep adding up

And if I had it to do all over
I'd do it all over again
If tomorrow I found one more chance to begin
I'd love you all over again

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