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Our animals need help! Wheather it be a Shelter Animal, Abused Animal or Negleted Animal. If you have taken any of these Furkids into your home or found good homes for them you have done them a favor.
It's time to help the innocent animals, who cannot help themselves.

Do A Animal Rescue And You Will Be Rewarded With Uncoditional Love.

All animals deserve to be treated with love, kindness and respect, If you believe this, Then I invite you to join this webring.

Criteria To Join:

Sites have to be animal-related
Sites have to be "family-safe".
Sites depicting any type of hate, abuse, or pornography are not admitted.
Sites that promote declawing or are against spay/neuter are not admitted.
Sites created by breeders or sites which promote breeding are not admitted.
Sites which promote puppy mills or catteries are not admitted.
No Hunting Sites

Instructions for Joining the Webring:

There are now two ways to join this ring by going here

Join The Animal Rescue Hub

OR See Below

Please download the graphic to your own server. No direct linking will be allowed.

Fill out the form, below.

You must submit the EXACT URL of the page where you will post the ring. If you post it on a "webrings" page, then that is the URL you MUST submit.
After you have filled out the form, you will receive your code by e-mail; and your site will be added to the queue.

Copy the code to your page, and e-mail me to add your site to the ring.

You will have seven days to add the code. After that time, your site will be removed from the queue, if you haven't posted the ring.
If this happens, you may join the ring again.

Once your ring is posted, it should look like this

Animal Rescue
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