Meet My FurKids

Meet my little man Morris he is waiting for me at Rainbow Bridge I miss him dearly. Morris had been with us 9 years he was 13 when I had him put down it was the hardest thing I ever did he had a kidney failure and the vet said he would suffer I wouldnt let him suffer I love him to much to do that I still grieve for him and always will He was dearly loved

Meet my bodyguard Dixie shes a black lab and a great watch dog. Dixie has been with us for 6 years her favorite things to do is go anywhere and play with the cats. shes terified of thundar stormes because she has been struck by lighting. I got her from some people who didnt want her anymore she was already spayed and has been a blessing to us ever since she came into our lives.

Sunset is a Quarter Horse she was a Christmas present from my husband. I love riding her when I have the time she is aproxmily 13 years old. She is also a bit on the stuborn side when she wants to be.

This is Lady and her colt Sandy. Sandy was the first colt born on the farm and also Lady's first colt. Lady is a registered Racking Horse and Sandy is a little Mule she was 1 day old at the time of this picture Lady is 9 years old. Her and Sunset are best friends.

Kaser was left abandoned at my fire collage meow somthing awful he was wet and cold and only 7wks old. he was eat up with fleas and earmites now he is a healthy happy 8 month old kitty

Ebony is 8 months old and in and out of everything. She is extremly shy and only buddies with me. she will be larger than Dixie when she gets bigger

CASEY (top) & CASSIE (bottom)

Hi we are Casey and Cassie, were twin tabbys were a grey color, we were abandoned kitten's. Were glad mom got us its great here on the farm and always somthing to do. Mom has nine kids, not human tho, all fur except three and they have feathers and two have hoofs. Were not alowed to play with them. We have a big black sister mom says shes a Labradore Go Get It were not sure what that means but she loves us and protects us and we love her. Mom said the other day we had to many boyfriends, so she took us to see this man who put stiches in us mom says it means Spayed, we aint sure what that is either but we dont have any more boyfriends. We are suposed to be barn cats but we decided that the garadge was better for us. Are favorite things to do is play with Dixie (the Lab),and Hunt.
Casey passed away November of 2001

Hi my name is Tamara, I am a brown tabby with calico mix I have mint green eyes, I came from the Animal Shelter where mom works. I am known as the house cat, mom named me after her cyber kitten on her home page. Being a house cat is hard because there are so many rules and moms favorite word is "NO". Like no you cant play with the birds, no you cant pick the funiture, but it has good points to like i get to sleep in a waterbed with mom and dad altho dad dont like it. Dad said he wasn't sleeping with another cat mom told him to stay up the rest of the night or get in bed and hush dad slept with us. one thing I learned is mom rules so I sleep on her side of the bed. I haven't made friends with Dixie yet but mom says it will take time and I better get used to it because Dixie is the house dog and we will be together alot. If you dont have a kitty or puppy go to your local Humane Society and adopt one you wont be sorry :)

Hi my name is Jamacia, I am a black tortishell, I came from the Animal Shelter where mom works. I am known as the barn cat, but the poarch is much nicer. I dont like the house, but I do love being outside. Mom even let me choose my own name :). I heard them say at the shelter that I would not be there anymore come Monday, I guess they were right because mom took me home. Mom says she dosen't see why no one wanted me I have already been spayed and I am very loving. Please Save A Life Adopt From A Shelter. There are alot of homeless fur kids who need your love.
Jamaica passed away July 2002

Hi my name is Molly, I was left for abandoned in the local shopping center pregnant and alone. I was very scared at first but warmed up to mom right quick she put me in the truck and took me home to her daughter. now I am her dog I follow her every where and when she aint home I worry.

Hi my name is Samantha, Mom got me from a friend that got me at the petshop. I am silver and my favorite things to do is to play with the cats and dogs. I sleep lots but when im not sleepin mom puts on my harness and lets me wonder around the house. I try to hide but the cats always tell mom where I am.

Hi my name is Tapanga, Mom got me from a friend that couldnt keep me no more. I am sable in color and my favorite things to do is to play with Samantha. I sleep lots but when im not sleepin mom puts us in a large room with lots of toys. I try to hide but the cats always tell mom where I am.


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