While working at the shelter I took 25 kittens into my home for foster care. They were either abandoned or the mother had gotton ran over I nuresd these babys till they were of adoption age then found homes for 20 of them. Below is some other rescue I have done

This is one of the baby's that came into the shelter with a sharp blow to the face as you can tell. We had its face reconstructed as you can see below the vets did a fantastic job.


I bought 2 calfs both were negleted they had maggots and mess so caked up on there hoolfs that you couldnt see them. After a good bath and cleaning I managed to save one of the 2 the above is Ginger she was stuned which means she will always be a very small cow.

This little dog was alone and scared in the middle of the shopping center (abandoned) I nearly ran over her. I had a leash in my truck and brought her home with the intentions of trying to find her a home which I did. She lives with us on the farm with Dixie and the other Fur Kids.
Molly passed away June 15 2005

This little kitten was alone and scared meowing his lungs out (abandoned) at my fire collage school. He lives with us and is a total terror but we love him.

This little cat came to our campsite she was living in the wild and had already been declawed. I went back to the house aproxamently 20 miles away got her some food and wormer since we were staying 2 nights I ask the site manager about her he said she was lost by a camper from up north and he was not feeding her so I named her Maggie and brought her home. she had also been spayed

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