It is 7:30am and we have arrived at the shelter, we open at 9:00am there are just the two of us so we don't have alot of time. I walk the runs and check for Parvo. I lock all the dogs/puppies on the inside of the building and hose down the runs after hoseing I clorox and foam I have 21 runs while that sets i do the other side then I come back and rinse down.I let all the dogs/puppies back out and start on the inside, I pick up food and water bowls and place them in the back. I hose, clorox and foam the entire kennel while that sits I wash and dry food and water bowls and get the laundry ready. Then I rinse down I place the water bowls down, fill them up and fix the runs so the dogs/puppies can go in and out. While I am getting the dogs ready my co-worker is working on the cat room. By now the phone is ringing and people are comming in. We take in 15-30 animals a day we may adopt out 5. We have to leave 3 runs empty for the Animal Controll Officer. Lunch comes and goes I rehose down the outside runs, catch up the paper work and take the garbage out. at 2:30pm my co-worker pulls the cards for the euthinizer. I go to the back take the dogs/puppies out of there runs and place them in the euth cage I slide the cage in the chamber with tears in my eyes I lock it up and say a special prayer and turn the machine on. I finish the laundry and go outside and try to convince myself there better off. I do more paper work answer the phone, and feed the dogs/puppies. The machine runs aproximly 45 min. We close at 3:00pm I go take the cage out of the euth and gently put the dogs/puppies in garbage bags and place them in our freezers. I hose, clorox, foam, and rinse the euth and cages. I lock up the back, rehose the runs and leave at 4:00-4:30pm. This is just a brief report of a day at the shelter. This says nothing of how many times a day we discuss spay/neuter all animals adopted must be spay/neutered no acceptions. Or nursing kittens who have no mothers, and explaning why its better to rent a movie on animals being borned than letting the animals actualy have the babies.

"The question is not, can they reason? Nor, can they talk? But can they suffer?" ~ Jeremy Bentham

"A Site just isn't a Site without the Love of a Animal"
They Have No Voice, They Have No Choice.

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