The poem Little Angel is true this happened on one of my fire scenes I promised to write a poem about it. I finely found time. All poems here are written by me, I dont claim to be very good at it but im proud of what I have done. Please dont use these with out my consent Thank You.

Little Angel

God Bless You Little Angel, with four legs and a tail, your alone and pregnant so small and so frail.
Your house just burnt to ashes I know I was there, The others walked around you like they didnt even care.
I came back to help you I couldnt stay away, to find the home you needed so you wouldnt be a stray.
A loving family took you in I know you'll be alright, now I can rest in peace as I lay down at night.
I call you little angel I didnt know your name your always in my memories and forever you will stay.

Breeze December 12, 2000

My Life

I stay in a place thats made of steel, at least its not cold and I get a hot meal.
Why dont people see to neuter and spay, I didnt ask to be born and live this way.
No one wanted me I was all alone, Oh how I hoped that I would find a home.
My time is limited this I know, then without choice i'll have to go.
Maybe the next group will have a chance, if the right person comes in for a glance.
The next time you come in please look in our eyes, it will make you stop and realize.
That we have feelings just like you, how can we make you see what can we do?
I ask you to neuter and spay today, so others wont winde up this way.
My time has come I must say goodby, Ive got to go be euthanized.

Breeze December 16, 2000

I Was Euthanized Today

I didnt ask to be born I didnt ask to die, I had so much love to give inside.
My life was short and thats not fair, all i wanted was someone to care.
I wanted to be held I wanted to be loved, is it to much to ask for one special hug?
You come in and stop and look, one quick glance is all you took.
I had hopes when you came in, ive been let down once again.
They take me to the back I cry in fear, oh wont you please get me out of here.
Now im in heaven up above to live with Jesus the God of Love.

Breeze December 16, 2000

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