Tuff Hedeman

Born on March 3, 1963 in El Paso, Texas to Red and Clarice as the seventh of seven kids. Now at age 34 and residing in Morgan Mill, Texas, Tuff has made a big name for himself in rodeo. The biggest to mention; PRCA World Champion Bull Rider in 1986, '89, and '91 and in 1995 won the PBR World Championship. As a Cowboy, he's done it all! And yet he'd give it all up for his family, Tracy and his two boys, Lane and Trevor.
"My Profession and my personal accomplishments aren't near as important to me as my family, that is more important to me than any title I could win", says Tuff.

The Man of all Men has had his share of up's and down's without a doubt. The biggest fall I would have to say is when his partner Lane Frost died in 1989 at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo in Cheyenne, Wyoming when a bull ran him over and rib bone pierced his heart. I would have to say that Tuff has had the good Lord on his side at all times. He was paralyzed, he pulled through and came back healthy, and the latest mishap with Bodacious. On one of Tuff's rendez-vous with the bull in 1995 he received a crushed face for the ride. Tuff rode this bull on a before meeting, but wasn't so lucky on his last bout with him. After having to have six hours of major reconstructive surgery on his face, he is back once again.
"He's broken his neck, been paralyzed and smashed his face, and that didn't stop him. He came back and beat Us!", comments Ty Murray.

Long ago when Tuff was four and Richard still, he smashed his hand and they gave him that nick-name. They never knew. Tuff is Tough!

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