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WOSIB Dedication Page

This is a great online group to belong to
Click the Plaque below and check us out

There is so much going on in WOSIB one could never get board.
We have committees to join, If you like to make quilts there is a wonderful committee and club that does that :)
We host games and events every month and there is also a chat group.
So if you like making friends and are looking for a friendly group come Join
Women Of Strength And Inner Beauty.


If the world should fall
I wouldn't fear
cause I feel safe
whenever you are near.

It might sound silly
but I know it's true
No matter what everyone says
I belong with you.

You're my best friend
You were from the start
Together we stand strong
and we shall never part.

We found a friendship
so powerful and true
That I know it'll last forever
And I hope you know it too.

~© Erwin age 17~

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